Department Overview: Modern and Classical Languages

Live Beyond Borders

Foreign language study is widely recognized as both a practical and intellectually stimulating way for students to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world around us and to build a strong foundation of skills in oral and written communication. By engaging with speakers of other languages, and by exploring other cultures through literature and other media, Allegheny students learn to think more critically and creatively about language itself and cultural debates in different parts of the world as they prepare themselves for careers in the increasingly global marketplace or for advanced studies in literature or language.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Students combine with: Biology, English, International Studies, Environmental Science, Political Science, Psychology

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What we offer…

  • Small classes, all taught exclusively in the target language
  • Native or near-native fluency among all faculty
  • Tutoring and help with cocurricular programs from international students
  • Extensive opportunities for extracurricular learning, including language houses, language tables, and international film festivals
  • Fully supported Senior Projects that prove to employers and graduate schools the ability to complete a major original assignment

What you’ll learn…

  • An understanding and appreciation of international cultures
  • Critical thinking, analytical, and research skills
  • Enhanced language skills (reading, writing, speaking)
  • Proficiency in another language
  • Global awareness

What people are saying…

  • “The modern languages department at Allegheny College sets an impressive standard of teaching excellence and commitment. It offers a program that rates among the best we have seen.” — Outside evaluation team
  • “I want you and the other professors to know how grateful I am for your guidance. [You] taught me how to think creatively…I have been able to apply these skills to the ‘real world.’” — 1987 alumnus
  • “The Allegheny in Cologne program was the best experience of my life. I wish I could do it again.” — Alumnus
  • “In the French House, my housemates and I lived with a native French Teaching Assistant who encouraged us to only speak French on a daily basis within the house. Living in a sociable, francophone atmosphere around the clock for a whole year allowed me to build my French fluency by leaps and bounds.” — 2016 alumnus

Beyond the Classroom

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