Community Service and Service-Learning

Community Service and Service-Learning, within the Allegheny Center for Experiential Learning (ACCEL), contributes to student learning and development by empowering students to understand and respond to community needs as articulated by local, national and international communities. Reciprocity, student input, and the development of community and faculty partners are essential to sustaining the programs and structures developed by this office. Curricular and co-curricular initiatives strive to include student responsibility, create inclusive communities, encourage dialogues surrounding issues of social justice and provide reflection opportunities on experiences. These elements foster student efficacy and life-long civic engagement.

The community service movement at Allegheny is driven by student leaders and strives to meet real needs in our community. The Office of Community Service and Service-Learning works with student leaders, community agencies, and other College departments to plan meaningful projects, promote student involvement that makes a difference in our community, and encourage student leadership, reflection, and learning.

Through partnerships with local agencies, the Office of Community Service and Service-Learning sponsors diverse programs based on student interests and motivation. Students can participate in one-time service projects such as Make a Difference Day, week-long service experiences during Spring Break, or on-going service opportunities in our local community.

More than 80 student service leaders are trained each year to lead on-going service with our agency partners in the Meadville community. These students organize and facilitate programs at their site, and recruit, orient, and train other Allegheny volunteers. Peer-to-peer recruitment and student leadership are two unique aspects of the service movement at Allegheny College.