Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Building Locations

        Alden Hall, 1 on Lower Levelgender neutral

        Arter Hall, 1 on Main Floor

        Campus Center, 2 in Doane Hall of Art wing

        Carnegie Hall, 1 on Lower Level

        Cochran Hall, 1 on Lower Level

        Ford Chapel, 2 on Main Floor

        Montgomery Hall, 1 near Main Entrance

        Odd Fellows Building, 1 on Main Floor, Lobby

        Pelletier Library, 1 on Lower Level

        Steffee Hall of Life Sciences, 1 on Lower Level

        Vukovich Center for Comm Arts, 2 on 3rd Floor

        Wise Center, 1 on 2nd Floor

Gender neutral housing options are available in Allegheny Hall,         Baldwin Hall – 1st floor as well as independent living spaces in on-campus apartments and houses.