Parent Handbook

Dear Parents:

It is my great pleasure to welcome the families of the Class of 2015 to Allegheny College. I look forward to meeting you in late August at Orientation and Matriculation. And to the families of our current students, I hope you had a good summer and I look forward to seeing you during Family Weekend in September.

Our Parent Handbook is designed to be a resource for families. The handbook explains our educational programs, outlines college policies, and defines functions of various administrative offices. We developed the handbook to give you a sense of how the College operates, which will help you guide your son or daughter when your student asks for your assistance in matters related to the college experience. My hope for our students is that they learn the skills to ask the right questions and to seek the appropriate answers as they develop into the adults they want to become. With this handbook as a road map, families can provide direction to their students when issues arise and allow them to find solutions to everyday issues as they develop their long-term educational goals.

As students become a part of our community over the next four years, we do ask that they contribute to the well-being of our College community. This contribution can be through participation in any number of organizations and events on campus: plays, fraternity and sorority organizations, athletic programs and recreational activities, and events sponsored by the Allegheny Student Government, to name just a few. Students gain invaluable experience and garner new insights as they work with their peers on political, social, or service-oriented activities. Our students’ participation in these activities allows our campus to remain a vibrant community where we care for and respect one another as individuals and members of our College. As you listen to your son or daughter talk about life at Allegheny, please do encourage your student’s participation and help us develop a strong and healthy community.

Finally, I want to encourage all of our families to clarify what you expect of your son or daughter in terms of alcohol consumption. As I begin my tenth year as dean of students, I can tell you that students who struggle with the management of alcohol are not as successful academically or socially as their peers who make appropriate decisions. The Wellness section on page 14 of this handbook can help you have this discussion. I urge your family to review this information prior to arrival on campus so that you can discuss expectations and chart a course toward your student’s success.

I trust that over the years you will witness significant developmental changes in your son or daughter, including enhancement of his or her ability to be creative, to think critically, to be more culturally aware, and to exercise independence. Allegheny is a place where students are respected as individuals and encouraged to develop into engaged and active citizens of the world. We are glad that you and your family are part of our college community.

Joseph DiChristina
Dean of Students

View the 2012-2013 Parent Handbook. (PDF)