Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science is one of the largest of its kind among liberal arts colleges, with ten faculty members offering coursework in American politics, law, and policy, as well as in other world areas including Europe, Latin America, China and East Asia, and the Middle East.  The Department also offers courses in international relations and foreign policy, political philosophy, and environmental issues.

  • Political Science Department courses emphasize critical reading and discussion, writing, and independent research.
  • Students often double major in Political Science and other fields, including English, Communication Arts, and Environmental Studies.
  • Political Science is a component of the College’s international studies major (with economics, history, and modern and classical languages).


At least 45 semester hours, including at least three courses from two of six different subfields: Civic Engagement and Social Action, Culture and Politics, Globalization and Trans-national Politics, Institutions and Processes, Policy Studies, and Problems in Democracy.


At least 20 semester hours, including an introductory course and four electives.