Group Studies: “Civil Rights and Democratic Participation”

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Spring 2014

Students in “Civil Rights and Democratic Participation” explore issues surrounding civil rights and the possibility of democratic participation by attending engaging lectures and events celebrating the Bicentennial of Allegheny College.

Students participate in thought-provoking conversations with their peers and with Allegheny faculty and staff who are committed to experiencing and reflecting on Bicentennial events together. Posting their reflections on a public blog allows them to share their experience and thoughts with even wider circles of the campus community.

Sections for Spring Semester 2014
Communication Arts 193*01 Professor Wilson
Communication Arts 193*02 Professor Sinha Roy
Environmental Science 193*01 Professor Darby
Environmental Science 193*02 Professor Wissinger

Global Health Studies 193*00 Professor Waggett
History 193*00 Professor Forts
Interdisciplinary Studies 193*01 Professor Bills
Interdisciplinary Studies 193*02 Professor Joshua
Philosophy 193*00 Professor Boynton
Political Science 193*01 Professor Harward
Political Science 193*02 Professor Christie-Searles
Political Science 193*03 Professor Gehring
Political Science 193*04 Professor Callen

One credit.

Note: Students may enroll for only one section of “Civil Rights and Democratic Participation” each semester.