Allegheny Service Network

Why Should You Get Involved?

  • Connect your passions to concrete action.
  • Get to know others who are passionate about the issues you care about.
  • Experience opportunities in your issue area.
  • Make a difference.

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Allegheny and Meadville Relationship

  • Help to recreate authentic and reciprocal relationships between the Meadville, Crawford County and Allegheny  communities.
  • Facilitate collaboration between different community agencies.
  • Encourage students to get downtown and experience Meadville.
  • Become an important resource for the community.
  • Work with community partners to raise awareness on important issues facing the community.
  • Work to de-bunk stereotypes between Allegheny students and citizens  of Crawford County.

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Conservation and Environmental Sustainability

  • Be involved in environmental conservation efforts.
  • Help raise awareness about environmental issues.
  • Promote and implement more sustainable practices in all facets of
    everyday life.
  • Look to identify root causes of environmental issues.

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Health and Prevention

  • Help raise awareness about health issues that impact our community.
  • Look to provide services related to health and wellness to community members.
  • Investigate root causes of health issues.
  • Raise awareness about stereotypes attached to areas of preventative care
  • Examine stigmas attached to mental health.

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  • Support homelessness prevention efforts.
  • Bust stereotypes related to homelessness.
  • Explore the root causes of homelessness.
  • Be involved in service projects to address homelessness and homelessness prevention in the community.

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Local Foods and Hunger

  • Raise awareness of local foods and their importance.
  • Support local food providers.
  • Investigate issues of hunger in the community.
  • Raise awareness around hunger in the community.
  • Provide relief services for hunger.
  • Look to address long-term causes of hunger.

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Solidarity and Advocacy for Senior Citizens

  • Challenge generational stereotypes.
  • Build relationships between youth and senior citizens.
  • Look to keep dignity and independence in the lives of seniors.
  • Promote an active and engaged lifestyle for all ages.
  • Investigate the health challenges unique to senior citizens.

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Underserved Youth

  • Expand access to youth programming.
  • Provide skill-building programming for youth to help empower them for the future.
  • Provide mentoring and guidance to youth.
  • Look to improve future prospects for youth in all areas.

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Women’s Issues and Empowerment

  • Be an advocate for women’s interests in the community.
  • Help raise awareness about women’s issues in the community
  • Provide needed services and resources to women.
  • Identify root causes to the challenges women experience.
  • Look to bust gender-related stereotypes.

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