Allegheny and Meadville Relationships

The Mission:

  • Help to recreate authentic and reciprocal relationships between the Meadville, Crawford County and Allegheny communities.
  • Facilitate collaboration between different community agencies.
  • Encourage students to get downtown and experience Meadville.
  • Become an important resource for the community.
  • Work with community partners to raise awareness on important issues
    facing the community.
  • Work to de-bunk stereotypes between Allegheny students and citizens
    of Crawford County.

´┐╝Community Partners Tackling This Issue

  • United Way of Western Crawford County

    This organization is a fundraising campaign to support different agencies that work locally to better serve community needs as well as coordinating service opportunities.

  • Meadville Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Chamber of Commerce works on projects that address the economic, social, educational, and political well-being of the Meadville community.

  • Meadville Time Trade

    Broadens connections with people in the community, empowers individuals, and offers an alternative to the monetary system.

  • Crawford County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

    Provides information on events and places to visit in Crawford County with the intention of bringing more people to the region.

  • The Economic Progress Alliance

    Focuses on promoting and enabling sustainable economic growth as the official Industrial Development Agency for Crawford County, working with officials and organizations striving to promote and enhance economic health.

  • Meadville Neighborhood Center

    Creating connections between people and programs that will prepare our youth for success and inspire all ages to be engaged and invested in Meadville.

Meadville Neighborhood Center, BIG ZIPPER PROJECT
Meadville Neighborhood Center, BIG ZIPPER PROJECT