Special Lectures

  • The annual Lord Lecture brings some of the nation’s most distinguished chemists to the College for residencies of up to one week. Recent Lord Lecturers include Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Prize–winning chemist, poet, and playwright; Dudley Herschbach, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry; and George Whitesides, Mallinckrodt Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University and winner of the 1998 National Medal of Science.
  • The annual Darling Lecture Series brings a nationally-known biologist to campus for a public lecture and meetings with students.

Graduate Schools

  • Research programs in the summer and during the academic year help students make informed decisions about whether graduate school is right for them.
  • Our biochemistry program prepares students to attend graduate school in biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, immunology, microbiology, cell biology, pharmacology, etc. Biochemistry majors are also prepared to enter the health professions (e.g., medicine, dentistry, optometry) or to seek employment in government and industrial laboratories.