Student Research

Every Alleghenian completes a Senior Project in his or her major field, a significant piece of original work, designed by the student under the guidance of a faculty advisor, that demonstrates to employers and graduate schools the ability to complete a major assignment, to work independently, to analyze and synthesize information, and to write and speak persuasively.

Many biochemistry majors carry out independent research or collaborative research with faculty in addition to the Senior Project.

Biochemistry majors frequently present their research data at regional and national scientific conferences.

Sample Senior Projects

  • Thermodynamic Analysis: The Biphasic Nature of the DEAD-box RNA helicase Rok1p
  • Structural and Kinetic Consequences of an Arginine-Cysteine Substitution in Pea Ascorbate Peroxidase
  • Determination of Efflux Pump Characteristics in Haemophilus ducreyi Using Efflux Pump Inhibitors CCCP and PAβN
  • Comparative Signaling and Gene Expression in Response to Synthetic Auxins in Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
  • A Structural and Thermodynamic Characterization of Single Adenosine Group I and Group II Bulge Loops Closed by Watson-Crick Basepairs in RNA Hairpins
  • Synthetic Approaches to Sodium Sulfonate Analogs of Plant Growth Regulatory Compounds
  • EPR Characterization of Manganese (II)-Containing Superoxide Dismutase II Mimics

Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities