Student Profiles

Elizabeth Schumacher

“Allegheny has opened my mind in many ways. I am hoping to go to medical school, but Allegheny, specifically the chemistry department, has opened my eyes to enjoying science and research in more ways than just those that relate to medicine.”

Lizzie states that the best aspect of the Biochemistry program is probably the faculty. They are all extremely intelligent and engaging, so it is easy to get involved and become passionate about it.

She is applying to medical school and beginning to study for the MCAT. She is seeing how well the classes prepared her for this exam. The program and faculty in it have challenged her to truly understand and struggle with concepts, not just memorize equations and terms.

Kassandra Hill

“Allegheny has given me the opportunity to find myself and grow as a person and student, both in and out of the classroom.

Through the different opportunities that I have had at Allegheny, I have become more confident in my abilities as a leader and in collaborative efforts, as well as in my strengths as a student and scientist.”

Kassie states, “The professors are the best aspect of the Biochemistry program. Regardless of whether I needed help with an assignment or choosing what class to take, or just to get advice about my future, I could always count on my professors in the Biochemistry Department to be there for me.”

The Biochemistry program prepared her for the process of applying to medical school by incorporating many medical school prerequisites into the major curriculum. She was confident that with this major she would be able to take classes that she was thoroughly interested in and would also be relevant for her future. Additionally, the program and professors provided countless opportunities to serve as a tutor and teaching assistant, valuable experiences that she will be able to draw from as a physician one day.

Colleen Friel

“I enjoy Biochemistry because it gives you a wide range of opportunities to get involved with science and become a well-rounded student,” Colleen Friel explains. “I love being able to conduct research while learning to better understand the natural world around me.”

As a Biochemistry major, Colleen has focused her studies on agricultural plant-microbe interactions – a combination of plant biology and microbiology. She has fulfilled multiple research internships by working with various Allegheny professors, and she has also performed research at the South Dakota State University Department of Biology and Microbiology. Along the way, Colleen claims that she has received much guidance from her academic advisor and professors.

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Colleen Zink

When biochemistry major Colleen Zink isn’t peering through a microscope in the lab or studying, she’s leading rafting, rock climbing, or hiking trips with the Outing Club. She also enjoys her Spanish minor classes. “After sitting through lectures and labs, I get to attend Spanish class, where we listen to music, play games, and practice conversing,” says Colleen. “It serves as a nice balance to my intense science classes.”