Ryan Clydesdale ’20 Wins the Prestigious Cornerstones Summer Analyst position

Ryan Clydesdale ’20 Wins the Prestigious Cornerstones Summer Analyst positionMathematics major with a double minor in Economics and Chemistry, Ryan Clydesdale ’20, was awarded the prestigious Cornerstone Research summer internship experience.  According to Clydesdale, “and I had a great ten weeks as a Summer Analyst at Cornerstone Research. From gaining an understanding of the daily workflow of economic and litigation consulting, to acquiring some of the skills that come along with the job, and developing as a professional in general, I benefited immensely from this experience. I am now comfortable with coding in multiple programming languages, using Microsoft Office at a more sophisticated level, and collaborating with others to function as a productive member of a project team.”

Navigating the Application Process

To apply for this position, Ryan submitted his resume, transcript, and a cover letter to Cornerstone through Allegheny’s Career Education office. He was then called back for a phone interview, where he further discussed his interest and qualifications. The next step was a Skype interview, where he took part in two mock case studies. During the latter he was given background information on mock cases and the interviewers asked questions about his approach to investigation and analysis. As part of the process, Ryan was interviewed by multiple Cornerstone employees at various levels of management.

Cornerstone Research

Cornerstone Research is a leading economic and financial consulting firm specializing in the analysis of complex economic, financial, accounting, and marketing issues that arise in the context of various kinds of litigation. Cornerstone Research has 700 staff and offices in Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Washington.

Cornerstone Research values the professional growth of its summer analysts and recognizes their contributions to clients and the firm. Consequently, many summer analysts choose to join Cornerstone Research full-time upon graduation. The analytical depth of assignments, the breadth of industry exposure, and experience working in case teams offer outstanding preparation for analysts applying to top graduate programs in business, economics, and law, and for ensuing careers in consulting, finance industry, and academia.

Allegheny College is grateful for the many opportunities extended to our students by Cornerstone Research and their continued support of undergraduate experiential learning. The Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics works in partnership with  Allegheny Career Education to mentor students on how to locate and apply for internships, secure housing and apply for funding sources to defray costs.