Community Engagement course criteria

Allegheny College designates on  Web Advisor “community engagement” (“E”) any course that incorporates a required community engagement component that meets all of the following criteria:

Criterion 1:  Integrated Learning

The engagement activity(s) and the course content/learning objectives complement each other due to a high quality placement.  The learning experience involves interactive partnership with community through students working directly with community members, organizations, and/or issues.

Criterion 2: Identified Community Issues and/or Need

The engagement activity(s) implemented within the course correlates to a community need or issue that is articulated from community voice; meaning that it is identified by or in collaboration with the community partner.

Criterion 3: Reflection

Students reflect, through written work or other forms of evaluation, on the application of the engagement activity(s) as they relate to the course content.

Criterion 4: Engaged Course Pedagogies

Course utilizes an engaged pedagogy such as:  Issue/Problem/Policy-Based Learning, Service-Learning or Community-Based Learning, Action Research or Community-Based Research, Public Scholarship.