Emotional Wellness

Emotional well being is a state of mind that allows us to feel good about ourselves, others, and our life circumstances, plans and goals. This involves a number of factors such as physical well being, personal adjustment, and psychological balance. Personal adjustment depends on our life satisfaction with factors like our family, work, spiritual choices, values, partner, health and future outlook. When our feelings, behaviors and thoughts are congruent and in sync we are at a state of psychological balance.

Sometimes we can get out of balance, or life circumstances change in a way that deeply affects us, or our brain chemistry malfunctions. When this happens our social support network can often help us adjust. Professional counselors can also be of great help in these situations, since they are trained to help people get back in balance and adjusted to life’s ever changing challenges.

If you find that you might need some extra help with your emotional wellness, visit the Allegheny College Counseling and Personal Development Center web pages, which can suggest on and off campus assistance options.