Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness may look different for each person, but it involves the meanings that give purpose to life, especially in the midst of transition and loss. For some, this may include a relationship with God and involvement with organized religion. Others may seek more spontaneous experiences of spirituality, or practices and beliefs drawn from a variety of sources. For all of us, spiritual wellness involves healthy relationships with those who share similar values.

If your spiritual well being relies on religious fellowship, Spiritual and Religious Lifeoffers a number of groups for students and worship opportunities on campus. Local churches welcome students as well, and the SRL Office can help students locate a congregation and arrange for rides to services.

Our spiritual lives are also nourished through meditation and other mindfulness practices. The Prayer and Meditation (PAM) Retreat has a meditation room, and a Mindfulness Challenge at the beginning of each year offers workshops and other opportunities to develop mindfulness techniques.