AOD Education@Allegheny

Allegheny College is committed to the health and safety of the College community. The goal is to create an atmosphere conducive to all students, including those who chose to abstain from Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD), and those who choose to engage in legal and safe drinking. While Allegheny is not a dry campus, we are committed to AOD abuse prevention. All students are required to be knowledgeable of, and abide by the Alcohol Policy.

Event Registration

Per Allegheny College Policy, “any student organization or campus-sponsored even on campus property must be registered if there is alcohol present and all events must be within the occupancy limits of the space as posted. Students are responsible for upholding all College policies and complying with the occupancy limits of the space.”

To register an event, please complete this form.

Any question, please contact

Allegheny College’s Good Samaritan Policy states that students who seek assistance for another student with regards to drug or alcohol use, or to help a student who has been a victim of violence and/or assault, will not face punitive sanctions. Students may still be required to complete educational sanctions.

AOD Education and Prevention

As part of Wellness@Allegheny, Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Education and Prevention provides programming and workshops throughout the academic year. To request a program or workshop, email

Drug Free Schools and Communities Act

The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act requires that all institutions of higher education that receive federal funding make a commitment to Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) education and prevention. Allegheny College is required to complete a biennial review of our AOD policies and programs.

2020-2022 Biennial Review

As part of our commitment to the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, the Associate Dean for Community Standards and Wellness sends out communication to all students every semester.

Spring 2022 DFSCA Student Communication

As part of our compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, Allegheny College is required to make available potential sanctions for violation of the College’s Alcohol Policies and potential legal actions for violation of any local, state, or federal law.


Anyone can be afflicted by drug or alcohol use. If you or a friend is concerned, please visit one of the following resources:

Counseling and Personal Development Center

Drug and Alcohol Referral Tool

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Crawford County Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission

Stepping Stones – Meadville Medical Center