Jenny Rothfuss

Kinematics of Terrane Accretion and Strike-slip Recorded in the Suture Zone of the Wrangellia Composite Terrane, Reindeer Hills, South Centeral Alaska

Allegheny College students and faculty have studied tectonic features in the Reindeer Hills for several years. The primary goal of this research has been to link structural features such as folds, faults, and cleavage trends with an overall tectonic history of the region. Our research has determined that major deformation occurred during the Late Cretaceous, when the Wrangellia composite terrane sutured to North America. Funding for this research was provided by the Wells Fund of Allegheny College.

Working in the Reindeer Hills was an outstanding experience. Learning about structural features in a classroom is nothing compared with going out in the field and finding an outcrop with perfect examples of what you’ve seen in your textbooks. Field work means so much because you are given the chance to work on a puzzle that nobody has solved yet. It definitely challenges you. Learning travels far beyond the classroom with the Allegheny Geology Department.