Senior Projects

The senior project is a capstone experience for all Allegheny students and is an important component of the geology major. Geology students typically conduct a field and/or lab based senior research project; from this experience students learn how to independently collect, synthesize, and interpret data and how to effectively write and present their research results. The senior project sets Allegheny students apart when applying for jobs and graduate school.

Past Senior Project Titles

Joshua Dailey, 2006, Structural Characteristics of the Burnside Lake Shear Zone in Archean Grandodioritic Gneiss, Isabella Lake; Quetico Provicincial Park, Ontario

Rebekah Ost, 2006, Provenance of the Basal Fluvial Conglomerate and Sandstone of the Madison Valley Formation in the Madison Intermontane Basin, Southwest, Montana

Garrett Rademacher, 2006, Correlating Water Chemistry within the French Creek Watershed to the Kent and Titusville Grond Moraines, Northwestern Pennsylvania

Erin Walker, 2006, Provenance of the Detrital Zircons in the Lower Keweenawan Puckwunge and Nopeming Formations, Northestern and East-Central Minnesota

Michael Flanik, 2005. Petrography and Provenance of Middle Pennsylvanian Allegheny Formation and Conemaugh Group Sandstones of the Alleghanian Foreland Basin, Southwestern Pennsylvania

Justin Pierson, 2005, Evolution of Facies Flanking the Mid-Tertiary Unconformity in the Madison Intermontane Basin, Southwest, Montana

Erin Garber, 2004, Geochemical and Hydrogeologic Characterization of a Groundwater Fen Near Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania

Alison O’Brien, 2004, Surficial Map, Subsurface Analysis, and Interpretation of Pleistocene-Age Glacial Deposits in the Cambridge-Age Glacial Deposits in the Cambridge Springs and Blooming Valley 7.5′ Quadrangle, Pennsylvania

Andrea Szabo, 2004, Creation and Execution of a Geology After School Enrichment Program at the Meadville Middle School

David Wolf, 2004, Estimates of Layer Parallel Shortening Using Deformed Mudcrack Polygons in a Leading-Edge Fold of the Central Appalachians, Maryland

Ira Bradford, 2003, Petrology and Provenance of Fluvial Sandstones in the Late Pennsylvania Conemaugh Group, Southwestern Pennsylvania

Michael Haney, 2003, Estuarine Member of the Lower Cretaceous Kootenai Formation, Missouri River Gorge, Great Falls, Montana

Meredith Long, 2003, Origins of Fractures in the Woodcock and French Creek Drainage Basins Near Meadville, Pennsylvania

Brian Zimmer, 2003, A Comparative Analysis of Two Methods for the Determination of Extractable Cations in Spodosols

Katie Amos, 2002, Geologic Mapping and Geochemical Analysis of Tertiary Volcanic Rocks in the Central Talkeetna Mountains, South Central Alaska

David DuBow, 2002, Delineation of a Confining Silt Unit in a Glacial Aquifer: Meadville, Pennsylvania

Korey Henson, 2002, Nature of the Fluid Flow within a Bar and Trough System During Fair-weather and Storm-weather Periods as Indicated by Profile Change, Bedforms, and Grain Size in Lake Michigan

Patrisha Lappe, 2002, A Comparison of Delineation Techniques for the Meadville Area Water Authority Public Water Supply Wells

Angelo Papalia, Jr., 2002, Investigation of Groundwater as a Source of Phosphorus to Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania

Melissa Sander, 2002, A Study of Chloride Concentrations in Soils and Surface Water Surrounding Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Cox, 2001, Characterization of Groundwater Chemistry in Glacial Deposits and Its Effect on Surface Water Chemistry in a Glacial Valley at Bousson Experimental Forest, Meadville, Pennsylvania

Cristina Jorge Schwarz, 2001, A Total Cation Load Study of the Impact of Woodcock Dam on Woodcock Creek and French Creek, Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Joshua Silvis, 2001, Shallow Aquifer Response to Mining-Induced Subsidence for a Hilltop Mining Environment, Ohio

Andrew Cyr, 2000, Geochemistry and Deformation of Tertiary Volcanic Rocks in the Northern Talkeetna Mountains, South Central Alaska

Julie Hoefler, 2000, Distribution of Tertiary Volcanic Facies and Eruption Center(s) in the Northern Talkeetna Mountains, South-Central Alaska

Kathryn Lamb, 2000, Preserved Erosional Surfaces in a Modern Barrier Shoreface and the Relationship to the Stratigraphic Record, Duck, North Carolina

Ann Widrig, 2000, Estuarine Tidal Deposits within the Fluvial-Dominated Early Cretaceous Foreland of West-Central Montana