GL Seminar Application & Timeline Information

Please read all the information on this page CAREFULLY before you apply.
The deadline for applying to a Summer 2024 GL Seminar is October 27, 2023.

Eligibility & Enrollment Policies

A view of the Pantheon in Rome. Photo by Mark Cosdon.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

    • 2.75 GPA
    • Good academic standing
    • No active disciplinary sanctions (either during application process nor during the Spring 2024 semester)
    • Academic advisor approval
    • All participants must be enrolled in and complete the Spring 2024 semester at Allegheny.

GL Seminar Admissions Policies:

    • GL Seminars have an enrollment cap of 25 students.
    • The Global Education office and the Professors who teach the GL Seminar will review student applications.
    • The application is competitive and not all qualified applicants may be admitted.
    • Programs with low enrollments may be cancelled and students will be notified of this decision in November.

A Completed Application Includes:

Amelia, a 3000 year-old city in Umbria, Italy’s central region. Photo by Mark Cosdon.
  1. Application Form: The Google form application opened in early August 2023 and is due by 5pm on October 27, 2023.
  2. Academic Advisor Approval Form: Students must request that their academic advisor complete the GL Seminar Academic Advisor Form by Oct. 27, 2024.
  3. Statement of Purpose: The statement of purpose/essay is a critical part of your application and weighs heavily in the selection process. You will upload your statement of purpose in the online application. Your personal statement should answer the following:
    • Describe why you are interested in this Global Learning Seminar? What are your expectations and what do you hope to gain from it?
    • How does this course relate to your academic, professional and/or personal goals?
    • How would you imagine incorporating this experience into your Allegheny education upon your return?

GL Seminar Timeline

Event Date
GL Seminar application opens August 1, 2023
Students attend a GL Seminar information session September 2023 (Dates TBD)
Students review and understand GL Seminar costs and available financial aid options By early October 2023
Gilman scholarship applications are due (Caution: deadlines are Pacific Time)
October 5
Application deadline for GL Seminars (NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED) October 27
Admissions notifications sent out.
Non-refundable reservation fee of $1,200 charged to accepted students’ accounts (viewable via the “Nelnet Campus Commerce” link in Self Service
November 13
Deadline to submit Program Confirmation Form and Participation Agreement November 30
Deadline to pay the non-refundable reservation fee. After payment of this fee, expenses will be incurred on the student’s behalf which may be non-recoverable. Students who withdraw after this date may be responsible for charges on top of the non-refundable reservation fee depending upon the nature of agreements between Allegheny College and the GL Seminar travel providers. November 30
Students who did not pay the reservation fee will be removed from the GL Seminar roster. December 1
Students attend mandatory pre-departure orientation and class meetings throughout Spring 2024 semester
Accepted and confirmed students add the course in Self Service. This assumes students otherwise meet the criteria for registration (no holds, has advisor approval, etc.) early March 2024
Remaining GL Seminar charges and pending aid is applied to the students’ accounts (viewable via the “Nelnet Campus Commerce” link in Self Service mid-March
GL Program balance due March 31
Students who have not paid the program fees will be removed from the GL Program roster. Students who voluntarily or involuntarily withdraw from the program are still responsible for non-recoverable expenses, which, this close to the departure date will likely include the full tuition fee. April 1
EL Seminar Departs (TENTATIVE) May 12, 2024
EL Seminar Returns (TENTATIVE) June 5, 2024