Summer Study Away Programs

This page is about non-Allegheny programs during the summer. If you’re looking for Allegheny programs instead, visit Allegheny’s faculty-led summer Global Learning Seminar page.

Unlike studying away during the Fall/Spring, when you study away independently during the summer…

  • there is more flexibility to study away with more programs as there is no “sponsored list” of Allegheny approved programs, nor is there an approval process for Allegheny College students with the Global Education office. You will apply directly to your program of choice.
  • you will pay program costs directly to your program (not to Allegheny), which is typically cheaper than Allegheny summer tuition fees.
  • you cannot use Allegheny’s institutional financial aid to cover program costs. But, certain federal, state, or external aid may be available. Consult with the Office of Financial Aid and review our external scholarships information page.

If you’d like to earn Allegheny credit for courses taken off campus during the summer, you will need to complete an off-campus study transfer credit approval form. Read steps below and schedule an appointment with a Global Education staff member to complete this form.

Steps to receive credit for non-Allegheny summer programs

Step 1

Research available programs.

Step 2

Apply directly with your program. If your application requires a signature from Allegheny, contact the Global Education Office.

Step 3

Meet with the Global Education office to complete the off-campus study transfer credit approval form (if you would like to transfer credit).

Step 4

When your program is over, make sure you request a transcript be sent from your program to the Allegheny College Registrar’s office so that we can transfer your credit to Allegheny.