Global Education

The Spring 2025 application cycle is OPEN! 

Copenhagen, Cork, Dublin, Florence, London, Siena, Stockholm, & Rome!

Study Away Programs

Allegheny College recognizes the enormous academic, professional and personal value of studying off-campus, either nationally or internationally. Allegheny College sponsors semester and year-long programs; some require skills in languages other than English and others have no language requirements. Allegheny also sponsors programs geared to specific majors as well as programs with internships and community service opportunities.

The Global Education Office is committed to the internationalization of Allegheny College through:

  • Study Away Programs (information for students interested in studying off-campus in abroad or domestic study away programs)
  • International Student Services (information for international students, faculty, and scholars to help with the integration to campus and community life)

Currently, students and faculty from 22 countries study and work at Allegheny and more than 190 Allegheny students and faculty participate in 40 programs in 20 countries.

COVID-19: Due to travel restrictions associated with COVID-19, some of our study away programs are not available or have significantly modified their offerings. This is an evolving situation; please check with the Global Educational Office for current information.

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