Sustainable Development Internship with SVYM in Mysore, India

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This program is currently suspended – contact the Global Education office for more information.

Global Education is pleased to offer students the opportunity to complete an internship with the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) in Mysore, India. The Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) is a development organization engaged in building a new civil society in India through its action, from grassroots to policy-level, in the Health, Education, and Community Development sectors. Acting as a key promoter-facilitator in the community’s efforts towards self-reliance and empowerment, SVYM is developing local, innovative and cost-effective solutions to sustain community-driven progress. SVYM is also rooted to its values of Satya, Ahimsa, Seva and Tyaga, which is reflected in its program design and delivery, transactions with its stakeholders, resource utilization, disclosures, and openness to public scrutiny. Community engagement, working in healthy partnership with the Government and corporate sectors, and sharing its experiences with like-minded organizations have been the hallmark of SVYM’s evolution over the past 30 years.

The Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies (VIIS – a branch of SVYM) promotes and facilitates the study, research, development, and dissemination of Indian culture and history, in a manner that augments holistic human development. In today’s age of globalization, India has as much to offer to the world as it has learned from it, if not more.  Therefore a need was identified to provide educational facilities where students from various universities across the globe can come together to learn about India. Together VIIS and SVYM provide an unparalleled opportunity to see demonstrable models of ‘Theory in Practice’ in all sectors of development.

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Internship Description:

Interns are accompanied by an Allegheny faculty member or administrator and spend the first two weeks of their stay in India learning about the country and culture of India as well as about the organizations with whom they will work. Students are then assigned to six week research projects in areas of public health, education, microcredit, palliative care, and/or policy research. The research is often done in teams and is always supervised and facilitated by a program mentor.


Housing and meals are provided by the Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies: A SVYM initiative. The onsite dorm is within walking distance to the institute or internship site. Meals are offered at the institute’s dining facilities.


  • All majors are encouraged to apply
  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the college
  • Satisfactory participation in a pre-departure programming scheduled for Spring 2019


Program Costs include: TBA

  • Round trip airfare (Pittsburgh-India-Pittsburgh)
  • Travel to historical, wildlife and cultural sites, as well as field trips to local and regional health care facilities, schools, etc.
  • Housing and all meals on site
  • 24/7 on-site support provided by the program coordinator at the Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies
  • International travel insurance

Additional funds are recommended for the following personal expenses:

  • passport ($140.00-if you don’t already have a passport) and student visa application fees
  • personal expenses
  • additional meals not provided by the VIIS ($200.00)