Allegheny Data How-Tos

We have a great deal of data. It’s my job to get you the data you need to complete your work. Where possible, I’ve created how-tos that may be able to help.

If you need a special dataset, please request one through the Web Help Desk (coming soon!)

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Standard disaggregation variables

The following variables are used in retention and graduation analysis to identify hidden barriers to success. Disaggregation and intersection data sets are part of the ‘standard’ documents provided to departments undergoing self-study.

  • Reported race. The self-reported race of the student, categorized by the IPEDS standards. See the Data Dictionary for full details. (AS = ‘Asian’, ‘BL’ = ‘Black or African American’, ‘HL’ = ‘Hispanic / Latino’, ‘NRA’ = ‘Non-resident alien’, ‘TMR’ = ‘Two or more races’, ‘U’ = ‘Unknown or Unreported’, ‘WH’ = ‘White’)
  • Student gender. The chosen gender of the student, reported according to the Common Data Set practice. (‘F’ = ‘Female’, ‘M’ = ‘Male’, ‘O’ = ‘Other'[^student_gender_other])
  • Age- The age of the student as of Nov 15th of the academic year in question. This is consistent with IPEDs / Common Data Set practices. (‘Traditional age’ = youngder than 25, ‘Not traditional age’ = older than 25)
  • State / Region / Distance from home. In previous years, this has been binned as ‘near’ and ‘far’ by zipcode. It was recently recalculated to scalar variable, but has not yet been integrated into data warehouse. (in_region = state is one of PA, NY or OH, not_in_region = state is not one of PA, NY, or OH)
  • Pell eligibility. Pell eligibility is grouped with Federal Direct subsidized loan (previously known as a ‘Stafford’ loan) into a single variable ‘Grant_test’. If the value of Grant_test is’Pell’ = student was offered a Pell grant at least once, ‘DSL’ = Student was offered a direct subsidized loan (previously known as a ‘Stafford’ loan) at least once, ‘None’ = Neither Pell or DSL.)
  • Athletes. The student ever was an NCAA athlete (‘NCAA Athlete’ = student was on the roster of one of our DIII teams at least once. ‘Not and NCAA Athlete’ = student was never on the roster of one of our DIII teams.)
  • First Generation. Prior to starting cohort 2023, a student was first generation if both parents did not have a Bachelor’s degree. Starting with cohort 2023, we define first-generation as a student who does not have at least one parent with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Religious Affiliation Self-reported religious affiliation (on the application), which is binned to ‘Christian’ = student reported a religious identity that is broadly Christian, ‘Non-Christian’ = student reported a religious identity that is not Christian, ‘NA / Other / Unaffiliated’ = student did not report a religious identity or reported ‘Other’ or ‘Unaffiliated’.