Senior Project Assessment

By faculty vote (21 Feb 2013), the Senior Project Assessment (SPA) was adopted college-wide beginning Spring 2013. The SPA will not be available for projects completed in Spring 2020.

The SPA is designed to provide a means for departments and programs to track the learning outcomes of their majors, and to evaluate (and modify) their curricula. Therefore, only summary reports will be provided to department and program chairs. Individual responses (ie., from an individual faculty member or for an individual student) will not be released, nor will reports be generated for very small groups of faculty or students.

To complete the SPA, look for the “Senior Project Assessment” link in the Faculty menu in WebAdvisor. Clicking on this link will take you to a page listing the students for whom you are a first or second reader. On this list, each student’s name will be a link to the SPA form.

To aid departments in completing the SPA, the Assessment Committee has generated a rubric (click here) for placing students on the 7-point Likert scale. This rubric is not intended to be restrictive, but rather to provide a starting point for departments and programs to construct their own rubrics.

For your convenience, a print copy of the SPA can be downloaded here. A copy of the confidentiality and reporting statement can be downloaded here.