Internal Communications Guidelines

My Allegheny, Broadcast Email, and Opt-in Newsletter Guidelines

Communicating to – and on behalf of – our community

The Office of Marketing and Communications values the importance of clear, effective email communications with our internal audiences – faculty, administrators, staff and students who make up the Allegheny College community. These messages are defined as internal communications and are distributed through three primary channels:

My Allegheny

My Allegheny is Allegheny College’s primary weekday, digital source for campus news. My Allegheny consists of a website and an email that is sent to the campus community each weekday with that day’s headlines. It is the preferred vehicle of record for internal communications and features news and general information that can be viewed by the entire community. My Allegheny is the official communication venue for news and information for all members of the Allegheny College community.

We encourage administrative and academic departments, faculty, staff and students to share announcements, including events, notices, and meetings, using our online submission form at

Here are a few things to remember about My Allegheny:

  • Items for My Allegheny must be submitted by 4 p.m. in order to be posted to My Allegheny the following day.
  • Items are not posted on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Items that need to appear in Monday’s My Allegheny must be received by 4 p.m. the previous Friday.
  • Submissions are automatically removed after an event has passed.
  • Due to the volume of postings we receive we cannot re-post items.
  • Academic events are also listed in the calendar box to the right of the postings for greater visibility and so that the community can quickly see lectures, concerts, gallery shows, and events related to life at Allegheny.
  • My Allegheny is not used to distribute announcements and information for events that are not affiliated with the College.

Broadcast Email

At Allegheny, we encourage sharing information across the College. We recognize that email is an efficient, cost-effective way to do this. We also recognize that mass broadcast email can be viewed as unwelcome, especially if the individual has not opted into and consented to receive the email notification.

What constitutes a mass broadcast email?

Broadcast email at Allegheny College is defined as targeted email that is sent through an email platform/software to specific audiences using lists that are built by Library and Information and Technology Services. Members of the Allegheny community cannot opt out of receiving these communications.

What types of messages are appropriate for mass distribution?

Broadcast emails must be rare enough to ensure that communications via broadcast email are read. We do not want these messages to be so common that recipients immediately delete them.

The following are examples of acceptable categories of mass broadcast emails:

  • Office of the President emails
  • Board of Trustees emails
  • President’s Cabinet emails (e.g. high-level position searches, promotion at the vice presidential level or above, and other content as determined by members of the President’s Cabinet)
  • Faculty emails (e.g. Faculty Council messages, faculty meeting notices, etc.)
  • Messages the College is required by law to share with the College community. 
  • Public Safety notifications

Mass broadcast emails must:

  • Be critical and time sensitive
  • Address an issue of campus safety (timely warning)
  • Align with the College’s mission
  • Address an issue that applies to the majority of the subscriber list

Who can send a mass broadcast email?

Requests for broadcast emails can be submitted here

Opt-In Newsletter Subscriptions

Choose the Allegheny College digital subscriptions that are right for you!

Allegheny College produces many electronic publications to support and enhance community building and sharing of important and timely information. Members of the Allegheny College community can subscribe to several electronic communications. Manage your Allegheny email subscriptions here.