Story Ideas

The Office of Marketing and Communications wants to tell your story. Sometimes you may not think what you’re doing is interesting to others, or you might take yourself for granted. We find stories everywhere, so don’t hesitate to share something you might think is no big deal. We love all ideas!

Things we’re looking for:

We want to celebrate and elevate our faculty, staff, students, and alumni! This could include things like published scholarship, thought leadership, presentations, research, recognitions, major/minor combinations, interesting classes, mentorship, student life and fun, and more.

The information we need to get started:

It could be as simple as a name, an email, and a one-sentence note. Or share a draft, or a story that was written for another purpose. We can do any needed follow-up.

What we’ll do next:

Our team will consider the story and gather related content, such as details, quotes, or photos/video. Then we’ll distribute among a variety of channels, which may include news, social media, PR, and more.

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