Zoom Webinar Requests

Marketing and Communications facilitates the hosting of Zoom webinars, which offer the ability for a panel of up to 100 people to broadcast to an audience of up to 1000. The webinar host is responsible for beginning and ending the meeting, and can control the meeting.

Please make your requests at least two weeks before you plan to hold an event. Refer to our scheduled webinars calendar to avoid date conflicts. In certain circumstances and potentially on short notice (if the President’s Office needs to host a webinar, for example) we may need to supersede your event. We will do our best to avoid this.

In your request form, we will collect information from you such as the date and time, the host, and the panelists. Additional panelists can be added up to the day of the event and should be submitted at one time.

Request a Webinar

Once your webinar request has been approved:

  • Request a Zoom license from LITS; that email will be the person logging on to host the webinar (they will need the date of the event, some time after which your license will expire)
  • Let us know once you have that license, and schedule your walkthough session with us, if interested
  • There are a number of settings that will have to be changed in Zoom, so the host should log onto their event, which will be in practice mode, and change them ahead of time.
  • Recommended options:
    • Anonymous questions? No
    • Attendees can see: Answered questions only/all questions
    • Attendees can chat with: No one
    • Attendee view: Active Speaker or Gallery