Jeff Hollerman

Title: Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Primary Department: Psychology
Other Programs: Neuroscience
Degrees: B.S., Allegheny College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Phone: (814) 332-2389
Office Location: Carnegie Hall 17

Website: Click here

Jeff received a B.S. in Psychology from Allegheny College, a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience/Neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh, and conducted postdoctoral research in the department of Physiology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and in the department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Jeff teaches Physiological Psychology, Introductory Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, and a Junior Seminar on Neuroscience.

Jeff’s general research interests are the neural basis of motivation and cognition. He has experience in the use of neurophysiological, anatomical and behavioral techniques to address the role of different brain regions in these processes. His studies have been directed at identifying and characterizing subcortical brain regions involved in the processing of rewards and the integration of information involved in cognitive processes. These studies have important implications for the role of the neurotransmitter dopamine in learning and motivation and for the ways in which cognitive associations may be reflected at the level of individual neurons. He plans to continue these studies to further elucidate the neural mechanisms involved. His hobbies include travel, foreign languages and military history. His favorite color is paisley.