The Physics Department

Allegheny’s physics curriculum offers academic possibilities as varied and individual as the students themselves. Choosing from a pure physics curriculum or one of several interdisciplinary emphases, students select courses to meet their own interests and goals. Graduates of the program have become doctors, engineers, lawyers, professors, software designers, and research scientists with placements including the Central Intelligence Agency and NASA. Physics students experience the camaraderie of a supportive department that offers opportunities for close collaboration with faculty in cutting-edge research.

The Program

Allegheny’s physics majors develop strong backgrounds in theoretical, experimental and computational physics, as well as a thorough understanding of the scientific method and an appreciation of the way the natural universe works. They are also encouraged to explore the impact of physics on the other sciences.

Double and student-designed majors are encouraged. Recently, double majors in physics/chemistry, physics/environmental science, and physics/mathematics have been especially popular. Student-designed programs may include emphases such as physics and biology, and physics and music.

The physics department also offers a physics minor and an astronomy minor.