The variety of careers our graduates pursue is evident from this sampling:

Dipto Mukherjee ’19, Ph.D. student in astrophysics & cosmology; Carnegie Mellon University

Ryan Cardman ’17, PhD student in physics, University of Michigan

Ryan Sayko ’17, PhD student in polymer science, University of Akron

Kristi Sestak ’17, M.S. in Biomedical Engineerin & M.S. in Teaching and Curriculum, University of Rochester

Roger Hatfull ’16, graduate student in astrophysics, University of Alberta

Erin Brown ’15, PhD student in physics, Stanford University

Brooke Olander ’15, PhD student in biomedical engineering, Ohio State University

Michael Petronek ’15, MS in medical physics, Cleveland State University; Chemistry Manufacturing and biomedical engineering, Iowa State

Ariel Statman ’15, X-ray and radiation specialist, ABM Equipment

Mason Greer ’14, PhD student in Electrical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Bryan Chavez ’13, PhD student in Physics, University of South Carolina

Keiron Stoddart ’13, graduate student in machine learning program at Columbia University

Zach Silberman ’13, PhD student in astrophysics, Rochester Institute of Technology

Jake Vingless ‘13, applications engineer, Basler, Inc.

Samuel Finder ’12, Masters degree, Columbia University

Samuel Knarr ’12, PhD student in physics, University of Rochester

Robert Pettit ’12, PhD student in optics, University of Rochester

Mallory Scott ’11,  PhD in molecular biophysics, University of Rochester; Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) Manager at Bayer

Karl Smith ’11, PhD student in Molecular Biophysics, University of Rochester

Bill Holtzman ’10, laser sales manager, Mecco Marking and Traceability

Meredith Semon ’10, medical physicist, MJS Medical Physics, Inc.

Alexander Urban ’10, postdoctoral scholar, LIGO, CalTech

Satoko Asahi ’09, PhD candidate in particle astrophysics, Queen’s University

Brandon Momeyer ’09, mechanical engineer, Westinghouse Electrical Company

Katlyn Meier ’09, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University

Tanya Nocera ’09, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Ohio State University

Taylor Robertson ’08, sensor systems analyst, Johns Hopkins University

Hikmat Daghestani ’06, Scientist at Hematogenix

Vincent Werner ’06, launch engineer, Space Exploration Technologies

Kristen Grenda ’03, physics teacher, Butler Area School District, Pennsylvania

Matthew Stairiker ’03, applications engineer, 
Edmund Industrial Optics

Robyn Nelson ’01, Engineering Leadership 
Development Program, BAE Systems

Jacilyn Wilkins ’97, flight controller, NASA

Michael Bock ’96, electro-optic engineer, Corning Lasertron, Inc.

Eric Landree ’93, physical scientist, National Institutes of Standards and Technology

Joel Sivillo ’93, meteorologist, Weather Predict

Jennifer Young ’92, scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Bonnie Dygan ’91, project manager, BAE Systems

Lisa Cortes ’90, president and health physicist, Radiological Compliance Services, Inc.

Kathleen O’Hara White ’87, computer programmer, Central Intelligence Agency

Gary Moser ’86, corporate counsel, DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems, North America

Richard B. Hopper ’82, senior reservoir engineer, Hunt Petroleum Corporation

Mary-Blair Matejczyk ’71, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Ben Burtt ‘70, Ben Burtt received the Hollywood Post Alliance Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Post Production, recognizing his powerful artistic impact on the industry. The award was bestowed on Mr. Burtt on November 12th 2009 during the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards gala in Los Angeles.

Diane Larsen ’65, health physicist, U.S. Department of Energy

Susan Kieffer ’64, Walgreen Chair and professor of geology, University of Illinois

George A. Kuck ’62, congressional staff assistant, U.S. Congress; part-time lecturer, California State University

Charles W. Smith, Jr. ’62, professor and physics department chair, University of Maine

William C. Roher, Jr. ’50, consultant/entrepreneur, Houston