This site for the Allegheny College Psychology Department contains a number of resources for students. Contained within is a range of information from how to write papers for psychology & proper referencing practices to using SPSS, as well as links to various departmental forms.


Internet Resources

Psychology Subject Guide — A list of the most important links you will need to write a paper in psychology.

The Encyclopedia of Psychology is intended to facilitate browsing in any area of psychology. There are two paths envisioned for this purpose:

  • Original information generated by respected researchers and practitioners in various fields of psychology.
  • A hierarchical database of links to websites providing information about scientific psychology.

One of the most interesting is a site called PsychWeb that is maintained at Georgia Southern University by Russ Dewey. It provides links to most of the sites that are related to Psychology students, including careers. An interesting thing about this site is that it includes links to a number of graduate schools. This should be an interesting (and economical) way to get information about graduate schools for those who plan to go on after their stay at Allegheny.

Other Resouces:

Online Forensic Psychology Degrees– With a growing demand for psychological professionals nationwide, experts estimate a whopping 19% increase for clinical psychologists, a broad designation including clinical forensic psychologists, FBI psychologists, and more.