MOSAIC (Interfaith)

“When we gather as MOSAIC, we gather to listen, to learn, to love, and to celebrate difference. We gather to share in our struggles and rejoice in our progress. When we gather as MOSAIC, we form a colorful portrait that cannot be penetrated by hate or intolerance.”

—Hayley Diemer ’19

MOSAIC, formerly Interfaith Fellowship (IFF), stands for Meaningful Open Spiritual And Inter-religious Collaborative. The image captures the gathering of students with different backgrounds in a way that allows these differences to shine, instead of melding together as they would in a melting pot. In MOSAIC, students learn about religious beliefs and culture, discover ways to negotiate real life issues that arise from interfaith engagement, and explore issues of common concern. 

Discussions have addressed religious views of death and afterlife, religion and sexuality, accommodating religious diversity in public schools, and interfaith/ecumenical marriage. Each year MOSAIC takes part in Interfaith Youth Core’s Better Together Day. Social events have included a Faith Crawl to the different religious houses on campus for socializing over food.

SRL Week

MOSAIC supports the annual SRL Week, formerly Faith Week, which offers programs, performances, discussions, and fellowship events to the campus community.  Weekly themes are chosen to support the College’s annual theme and have included “Connections,” “Faith and Community,” and “Melting into Mindfulness.”