Allegheny Christian Outreach (ACO)

“ACO has been an invaluable part of my personal faith walk. The fellowship of the ACO community has acted as a constant source of spiritual conviction and encouragement in my life. As a busy college student who is frequently being pulled in many directions at once, ACO simultaneously grounds me in the only thing that matters, the character and Word of the Living God.”

—Hannah Hart, ’19

ACO is a large-group fellowship that helps students to know and follow Jesus.  We meet  at  Ford Chapel at 8:30 pm every Tuesday. Students help each other deepen and live out their Christian faith by digging into Scripture, engaging  speakers and discussing topics, playing games and worshiping together. We also offer a Fall Retreat, service opportunities, mentoring relationships, and leadership development. The ACO community is a great mix of backgrounds, interests, and gifts, and all are welcome.

“For me, ACO has been a safe, nonjudgmental, and loving community that is both authentic and filled with grace—you most certainly do not need to be anywhere near perfect to come check it out! When I was first checking out ACO, I was immediately approached by a leader. She made an effort to genuinely get to know me and find out how my transition into college had been going. This connection made me feel both welcome and at ease!”

—Emma Donley, ’20

Small Groups

A number of small groups and Bible studies are available each semester – Women’s Bible Study, Dudes Bible Study, and others. Come to ACO to find out more!

The Jubilee Conference

For over 40 years, ACO has gone to the Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh to talk, learn, think, and dream about the public implications of their personal transformation. Jubilee is a conference like you’ve never experienced before. Whether you’re interested in engineering and science or art and music, law and politics or medicine and mission, justice and families or college life and the years to come, Jubilee will have someone speaking about what it means to be involved in those places faithfully. It’s a gathering of thousands of college students learning how to worship God with their whole lives.

“Being a part of ACO has shown me that Christians come in all forms with different talents and stories that brought them to Christ.  ACO forced me out of my comfort zone in order for me to grow closer to the people around me and God, especially being on the leadership team.”

—Essence Suggs, ’20

Summer Opportunities

There are also summer opportunities that will take you out of your comfort zone and around the world!  Your faith will grow as you use your gifts and discover new loves in the wilderness or in the cities.  Consider working at camp, participating in the CCO’s Ocean City Beach Project (OCBP), Leadership and Discipleship in the WIlderness (LDW), Experience Peru, Encounter Philly, and Encounter Columbus.

Worship Leadership

Interested in helping with worship? We are always looking for gifted new musicians!

“ACO is a place where I get to enjoy worshipping God in fellowship with other people my age. I’ve met some absolutely amazing people that strengthened my faith in God and in turn, I want to reflect that and show God’s love to others!”

—Joshua Yee, ’19

Affiliation and Advisor

ACO is a student-led organization, and Advisor Mollie Little is a staff member of the CCO.

The Coalition for Christian Outreach is a campus ministry organization that calls college students to serve Jesus Christ with their entire lives. The CCO works with local congregations to develop students to be passionate leaders who serve Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities, and families.  Its Core Purpose is transforming college students to transform the world.