SRL Staff

Allegheny College Staff

SRL Director- Dr. Sami Alkyam

Dr. Sami Alkyam, assumed the role of Director of Spiritual & Religious Life in August 22, 2022 within the Student Life suite. He will continue to support World :Languages and Cultures and International Studies. Sami holds a Ph.D. in Arabic Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his research interests include modern Arabic literature and cultural studies. Sami’s experience in Muslim communal service include his voluntary work as a board member of the Islamic Cultural Association in Madison while he was a doctoral student, he also was the academic advisor of Arabic Cultural Association at Harvard University from 2015-2018. Since spring 2019, Sami has been directing the Muslim student life at Allegheny College. In this role, he advises Islamic Cultural Association (ICA); he has also organized and led the Jumm’ah communal service and prayer since then. Sami has taught at UW-Madison, Beloit College, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and Harvard University. 

Affiliated Staff: Catholic Diocese of Erie

Fr.Jeff(use) Rev. Fr. Jeff Lucas, a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie, is Catholic Campus Minister, Newman Advisor, and Pastor of The Epiphany of the Lord Parish in Meadville and St. Hippolyte Parish in Frenchtown. He celebrates Masses during the academic year on Sunday evenings and meets with Newman on Monday evenings. He is available during office hours on Tuesdays from 1-4 PM in Campus Center Room 310A or by appointment.


Deacon Edward Horneman is a permanent deacon of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie and serves as Newman Assisting Advisor. He assists in the celebration of Mass on Sunday evenings, and in training liturgical ministers, and meets with Newman on Monday evenings. He is available during office hours on Mondays from 1-4 PM in Campus Center Room 310A or by appointment. Deacon Ed is also Catholic Chaplain at the state prison in Mercer, PA, and serves as a Deacon at The Epiphany of the Lord Parish in Meadville.

Affiliated Staff: Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO)

The Coalition for Christian Outreach is a campus ministry organization that calls college students to serve Jesus Christ. The CCO works with local congregations to develop students to be passionate leaders who serve Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities, and families.

Mollie Little is on staff with the CCO and advises Allegheny Christian Outreach (ACO), a student-led, evangelical, interdenominational fellowship. She also advises the Lighthouse, a Christian women’s discipleship house. Mollie mentors student leaders, and loves to connect with students one-on-one. Her full-time job is mother to three teenagers, and  she and her husband Jeff love to open their home to students.



All staff are available to meet with students during posted office hours or by appointment.