Sustainability at Allegheny College

Allegheny College is committed to sustainability and community resilience as key aspects of our mission to prepare our students to be change-agents and difference-makers in a complex world. Our resolve and progress is evident as we celebrate reaching carbon neutrality in 2020. This accomplishment reflects more than a decade of effort to achieve efficiency in our operations, engage students in our research and action, and build collaborations with partners in our local community, the federal government, and the national collective of sustainability leaders in higher education. Our success reflects the strength of a liberal arts education which approaches problems from multiple perspectives and employs a range of solutions. Our progress was driven by the research, engagement, and ingenuity of countless students. Our collaborative approach demonstrates that optimism and creative action can result in a more resilient institution and community.

  • % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • % improvement in energy efficiency
  • % reduction in paper consumption
  • % electricity from wind generation
  • kWh solar energy generated on campus annually
  • lbs of organic produce grown on campus annually
  • % reduction in water consumption

Commitment & Progress

Allegheny College’s commitment to sustainability includes rain gardens, environmental community art, a comprehensive composting program, green roofing, LEED® certified buildings, geo-exchange heating and cooling, porous parking lots, wind generated electricity, an annual campus-wide energy challenge, and a Climate Action Plan that led to the College achieving carbon neutrality in 2020.

Climate Neutrality Timeline

Take Action

Allegheny College encourages the development of citizens who actively promote sustainability. Our students learn about environmental issues and stewardship at each step of their education, through course work with nationally known faculty and experiential learning opportunities such as internships and volunteering. Student-led organizations complement the curriculum and encourage students to embrace sustainable ways of living and thinking during their time at Allegheny and beyond.