Resilient Communities Actions

Cast Your Ballot

You can’t make a difference if you don’t vote in support of representatives who share your values and goals. Allegheny’s Center for Political Participation provides a link and detailed instructions on how to register to vote in Crawford County and further details on where and how to vote. It also provides shuttles on election days to transport students to the polls.

Participate in Community Movements

Meadville is full of opportunities to participate in developing a more welcome, resilient, and vibrant community. Some examples include Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), My Meadville, Green New Deal, Common Roots, and the Northwest Pennsylvania Investment Cooperative.

Explore Climate Justice

While climate change will impact every community and individual globally, the impacts will not be borne fairly or equally. As residents of northwest Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to be insulated from many of the most direct impacts of climate chaos – sea level rise, drought, extreme temperatures – yet it is imperative we consistently recognize how the climate impacts of our daily choices and habits disproportionately impact those who are poor, young, female, and marginalized, both within our community and globally. Climate change is a human-rights issue, and we must recognize how our every action influences the rights of others no matter how distant they may be from us geographically and experientially.

Explore and Enjoy Meadville

Our community has a unique, small-town vibe and offers lots of opportunities for those willing to explore. You can familiarize yourself with our Meadville Area Interactive Map & Guide. But the best way to experience Meadville is simply to walk Chestnut Street and stop at the many locally owned businesses to meet friendly people and discover a wealth of unique gifts, everyday necessities, delicious foods, and local artisan crafts.

You can also find suggestions and reviews from employees and students at Meadville Values & Things to Do! (not public beyond Allegheny users)

Step Outside

Northwestern Pennsylvania is a dream location for those who love the outdoors. Meadville is full of ravines and small trails through woods. Within a short drive, you can hike, paddle, fish, or play Frisbee golf at Woodcock Creek Dam. You can paddle or float down French Creek; run, walk or bike on the Ernst Bike Trail; hike the Erie National Wildlife Refuge, or spend the day on a sandy beach at Presque Isle in Erie.


Explore the Allegheny Gateway to discover how it supports students to “develop a clear vision of who they are in the world, an inclusive and global perspective, and the commitment to be citizen-leaders addressing the complexities of the modern world.” You might volunteer in Meadville on Service Saturday, Thankful Thursdays, or Make a Difference Day. You can expand your perspectives by traveling abroad, pursue an internship or research project to develop professionally, get pointers on polishing your resume, or find support to develop your research and study skills.

Self Care vs. Community Care

Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on self care, but community care is essential to ensure we’re all cared for and connected in meaningful ways. You can share some caring with our Allegheny community by nominating those you see and appreciate by emailing or getting involved with the work of student group, Positive Deviance. Or simply show up for all those around you to listen, support, and offer care, love and help.

More Sustainability Actions