Energy Actions

Turn Off

Make a habit of turning off items whenever they are not in use. This includes lights (yes, even your string lights), computers, fans, fridges (if empty) and other electronics.

Temperature Management

While we manage our building temperatures for comfort and efficiency, individuals play a role as well. You should dress in sufficient layers so you can adjust your personal temperature comfort. Use the controls on your radiator or thermostat to adjust heating or cooling slightly rather than opening windows and doors in air-conditioned spaces.

Use Common Spaces

Consider studying in the library or lounge to share lighting with others. Be sure to turn off the lights in your room before you leave.

Take Shorter Showers

Heating water consumes a lot of energy. Take shorter showers or turn off the water while you soap up in order to save water, as well as the energy to heat it.


Wait until you have a full load and wash with cold water to minimize your energy consumption. Dry your laundry on a drying rack or tumble dry on low.

More Sustainability Actions