Top Students

Sean Holsing

Paul Henry & John V Gilmore Prize for Drama is given for outstanding contributions to theater arts at Allegheny, awarded to Sean Holsing.

Heather Osterwise

Philo-Franklin Prize, established by the Philo-Franklin Oratorical Society for outstanding achievement in the field of speech communication, awarded to Heather Osterwise.

Ashley Biletnikoff

The Outstanding Junior Major Prize-ComArts is awarded for exceptional academic achievement, performance in the seminar, and contribution to the general life of the department. Given to Ashley Biletnikoff.

Molly Beth Seremet

The Robert C. Wilson Theater Prize is given to the senior student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of theater and who intends to pursue post-graduate study in the field, awarded to Molly Beth Seremet.

John Meyer

Wakefield Prize is given for outstanding achievement in the field of mass communication, awarded to John Meyer