Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Communication Arts and Theatre Department is dedicated to the creative and critical study of communication, with special emphasis on theatre, rhetoric, and media.  The curriculum offers opportunities for the performance, practice, in-depth study, and analysis of texts and techniques in each of these spheres. Students engage in production, performance, and critical cultural studies, with the objective of becoming competent and engaged artists/scholars in their fields.  The department’s liberal arts emphasis encourages students to develop habits of engaged citizenship, thoughtful professionalism, and a meaningful private life.

Communication Arts
Student Outcomes

Students who successfully complete a major in Communication Arts are expected to….

  • Situate works and ideas in historical, cultural, and political contexts. Students should learn to connect concepts and texts (written, oral, visual, performative, live, and mediated) to the contexts in which they are embedded.
  • Analyze critically multiple forms of human expression. Students should be able to critique texts and performances by applying relevant theoretical lenses, comparing and contrasting works, conducting close textual analysis, and offering evaluative judgments.
  • Create meaningful original work. Students should learn, apply, explain, and critically reflect upon methodologies used in creating their own works, including theatrical performances, visual productions, speeches, and written essays.
  • Participate productively in the public sphere. Students should cultivate an awareness of their civic roles and responsibility to various communities.  They should critically engage with media and popular culture; they should appreciate and patronize the theatre and performing arts; and they should practice engagement in a range of communication-related activities- on campus, in Meadville, and in their future communities.

Students who successfully complete a minor in Communication Arts are expected to…

  • Learn analytical, critical and/or creative approaches to the arts of communication. 
  • Demonstrate competence in the field’s basic skills of communication: writing, performing, or creating visual productions.

 Other Students

Students who successfully complete a few courses in Communication Arts are expected to…

Cultivate a critical awareness about communication practices they encounter in public and private life.