Welcome to Financial Services

Welcome to the Financial Services Office. Our staff manages student billing as well as Allegheny’s treasury, budget, investments, and purchasing.

Students are invited to stop by our office in Schultz Hall, to add money to their shop account or to ask questions related to their bill.  Meal Plan changes are available on-line through WebAdvisor.

Prepare for the 2013 – 2014 Academic Year

Please log into your WebAdvisor account and complete the forms that are appropriate for you.

  • Meal Plans – Required if planning to live on Campus
  • Vehicle Registration – Required if planning to park a vehicle on Campus
    Insurance Waiver- Complete only if you have health insurance.  The insurance fee will be removed from your student account after the waiver is completed.
  • Gator Cash (SHOP) Deposit - NOT mandatory –Gator Cash is a declining balance account that is available through your AllCard.  It works by depositing money to the account through the online form or by submitting a check or cash to the Financial Services Office directly.  Gator Cash funds can be used at McKinley’s Dining Hall, Brooks Dining Hall, Grounds for Change, and the Bookstore.
  • Health Insurance Waiver – NOT Mandatory –To comply with the Affordable Care Act, we are offering a new student health care program through United Healthcare Insurance Company. Learn more.

For landline telephone access, please contact Windstream directly.  800-347-1991

Billing Information

First Semester

  • Student billings are mailed early July.
  • Student payments are due July 31.

Second Semester

  • Student billings are mailed in early December.
  • Student payments are due December 31.

*Allegheny is partnered with Tuition Management System (TMS) to accept: American Express, Mastercard, and Discover as well as e-checks. Learn more.