Tuition Insurance

The GradGuard Tuition Protection Plan, provided by Allianz Global Assistance, is offered to Allegheny College students as a voluntary student benefit to complement the institution’s published refund policy.  The college is not compensated for this program and provides the opportunity for each student to conveniently enroll in this benefit program due to the expanded benefits and affordable cost.

Allegheny College is not a provider of the insurance.  Rather, we have partnered with GradGuard to offer and manage the insurance directly to our students. Please contact GradGuard directly and speak to a tuition insurance specialist with questions regarding the tuition insurance at 1-877-794-6603.  For additional information about GradGuard visit the GradGuard website.

*Tuition Insurance is available by semester and is available to purchase through the last day BEFORE the start of each semester.

Why Tuition Insurance

We believe it is important to offer an easy, affordable way to protect the investment your family has made in higher education.  That is why Allegheny has negotiated with GradGuard to provide our families with tuition insurance by Allanz Global Assistance, featuring special plans and rates not available to the general public. The tuition insurance can refund up to 100% of your tuition and fees in the event of a medical leave or withdrawal.

This coverage expands the scope of our refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room, board and other fees when a student takes a leave or withdraws at any time during the semester for reasons covered by this insurance like:

  • Serious illness or injury
  • Mental health disorder
  • Death of tuition payer

Plans also include Student Life Assistance; a 24-hour emergency hotline that offers students and parents even greater peace of mind.

At Allegheny, we want the best for our students.  Allianz Global Assistance is the world-leader in specialty insurance and assistance – helping over 200 million people protect their tuition payments, travel plans and more each year.


You determine the policy limit that you wish to purchase.  Please refer to your student billing account on the Nelnet Campus Commerce site or in self-service to calculate the amount of coverage you may need.  The average amount of coverage Allegheny students may consider is $15,000 per semester.  If you find that you would like to purchase more or less coverage, please contact GradGuard directly to adjust your coverage amount at 1-877-794-6603.

Coverage Pay out up to:
Illness/Injury of Student 100%
Death of Student 100%
Mental Health Disorder 100%
Other School Expenses Up to $1,000
Cost 1.10% of insured amount
(starting at $13.35)
Maximum Coverage Limit $75,000

Purchasing Options

You can purchase tuition insurance by contacting GradGuard directly or through the Nelnet Campus Commerce portal.  Suggested coverage amount is $15,000.  However, your needs may be different.  Please refer to your student billing account to determine your coverage amount.

Contact GradGuard Directly

 Nelnet Campus Commerce

  • Log into the Nelnet – Student Account Center portal. Purchasing option is not available on the “Make a One Time Payment” screen.

File a Claim

To file a claim, please call GradGuard at 1-888-426-5252 to begin the claim process.

Please note:  Complete withdrawal from all classes is required and must be validated; documentation for all claimed expenses is required; physician recommendation to withdraw from institution is required and will be validated for withdrawal due to illness/injury or mental health disorder.  Withdrawal for mental health disorder also requires hospitalization.