Internship Week 3

Too many people at the party to even fit them all into one blog pic!

Too many people at the party to even fit them all into one blog pic!

This was a slower week in the lab, but an exciting week nonetheless. I finally got to dissociate the nodose ganglia from a rat all by myself! We also do a surgery where we put a dye on the rats stomach so that we know which neurons belong to the vagus nerve. I did a dozen of those by myself as well. As fun as that was, I still had to analyze what felt like 1000 images of our cells. That’s when it hit me that this is actually work. Granted I love what I do, but now I see that as cool as research is, it’s still a job.

My time in the lab this week was great, but my time outside of it was a lot more fun. My birthday was Sunday, so the whole weekend felt like a giant celebration. Friday, some friends and I went out to eat before going to chocolate world a third time. Saturday I was treated to a full body massage. I went out to eat again and the waiter was nice enough to treat Alex (you remember her from a previous post right?) and I to free slices of birthday cake. Saturday night, about 21 of us interns got together for my birthday party. We listened to music, played games, and they even surprised me with cupcakes. Sunday I went to the movies with Alex to see “This is the End” (which was hilarious by the way) and my room mates bought me a Hershey pie for my birthday (house tradition). As if I hadn’t had enough sweets, the Principal investigator of my research project even baked me a cake on Monday – 2 layers of chocolate cake with a layer of whipped cream and raspberries in the middle.

So 8 renditions of “Happy Birthday” and 4 desserts later, my birthday extravaganza weekend came to an end. I could not have celebrated with more awesome people in a more awesome place. It was truly a weekend to remember and the best birthday of my life.

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