Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad

Students learning a foreign language are urged to spend a semester or preferably a year abroad. The College sponsors a wide variety of study-abroad programs which are open to all qualified Allegheny students.  For additional information, please visit the Off-Campus Study page of the Office of International Education.

Students not enrolling in the College-sponsored programs may, with the approval of the department and the Director of International Programs and Services, join other programs.

Study abroad may exempt students from enrollment in certain required courses for the major on campus.

Visit the website of the Institute of International Education for study abroad funding resources and related information.

Busting the Top 10 Study Abroad Myths!  from Huffington Post


During the 2016-17 academic year, 8 of our students participated in the World Language Program, earning 2 credits for instructing elementary school language students in Meadville and Crawford County.  

In the summer of 2017 our students undertook enriching internships all over the world, including:

Rachael Cohen (‘20, Latin & Caribbean Studies minor) was a Project Supervisor at Amigos de las Américas in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Alana Picozzi (‘18, Spanish/English double major) was a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Trainee at CIEE (Council On International Educational Exchange) in Barcelona, Spain.

Kai van Rosendaal (‘19, Middle East/North Africa Studies minor) worked at European Union/American University in Brussels, Belgium.

Leah Franzluebbers (‘18, German minor) was a Research Assistant at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Gothic, Colorado.

Tyler Allen (‘18, International Studies/Religious Studies double major) taught in the LEAP (Learning for the Enrichment and Advancement of Palestinians) program in Tyre, Lebanon.

View the M&CL Internship page here

For a more extensive list of internship opportunities, please visit the Job & Internship page of the Office of Career Education.

Co-curricular Activities

  • Max Kade Language HousesSpecial-interest housing open to students studying Arabic, Chinese, French, German or Spanish, plus the International House, open to any student with a strong interest in world cultures and events.

 Max Kade International Wing – North Village C

  • Language Tables & Social Hours—Several days a week, interested students and faculty meet for lunch and/or coffee hours. There are regular events in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.

Table Française:  Mondays & Thursdays @ 12:00pm @ McKinley’s Food Court

Un Pause Café: Wednesdays @ 3:30pm @ French House (NVC105)

Kaffeestunde im deutsche Haus:  Wednesdays @ 3:30pm @ German House (NVC103)

Mesa Española:  Tuesdays & Fridays @ 12:00pm @ McKinley’s Food Court

Mesa de Café: Fridays @ 4:30pm @ Spanish House I (NVC104)

Chinese Tea Hour: Tuesdays @ 4:30pm @ Max Kade Wing lobby (NVC)

Chinese Table: Wednesdays @ 12:15 @ McKinley’s Food Court

  • Gator International —  Students have the opportunity to publish their own creative work in a foreign language. In 2017, the journal migrated from print to digital format as the Allegheny College International Blog.

 Gator International – Spring 2017

Gator International – Spring 2016

Gator International – Spring 2015

  • International Film Festival—A 5-week series of new, internationally renowned films from around the world is offered in late January to early March.

View the 2017 Film Series Poster







Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota is the international language honor society.  Allegheny is the founding Alpha chapter of PSI, chartered in 1922. Outstanding language students are nominated for membership in the spring of each year.

Spring 2017 class of Phi Sigma Iota

German Writer-in-Residence

Each year in the fall semester the department hosts a distinguished author from Germany to teach GERMAN 370: Creative Writing in German. The course emphasizes the creative use of German to develop vocabulary, improve individual style, and craft short prose texts. The program is funded by an annual grant from the Max Kade Foundation. To view a list of our honored guests, please click here.  Anna Katharina Hahn, Writer-in-Residence 2017

Honors and Prizes

  • The Blair Hanson Prize was established in honor of Professor Blair Hanson, former chairperson of the Modern & Classical Languages Department, in recognition of her many years of dedicated teaching at Allegheny.  It is awarded annually to an outstanding student in the Modern & Classical Language Department.
  • The Mildred Joanna Ludwig Prize was established by an anonymous donor to honor the memory of Mildred Ludwig, Allegheny instructor and matron of the Tarbell House in the 1930s.  It is awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in a modern foreign language.
  • The Alice Kemp Moessner Prize was established by an anonymous gift in honor of Alice Kemp Moessner, an instructor at Allegheny in the 1950s. It is awarded annually to an outstanding junior or senior student chosen by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.
  • The Harald Robert Sauer Prize was established through gifts from Harald Sauer in memory of his mother, Elli, father, Georg and brother, Johannes and later added to in memory of Harald.  Two prizes are awarded annually to outstanding seniors majoring in French, German and/or Spanish, chosen by the Modern and Classical Languages Department faculty.