Tippie Alumni Center

Patricia Bush Tippie Alumni Center at Cochran Hall

Thanks to the generosity of Patricia Bush Tippie and her husband Henry, Cochran Hall has been completely restored and transformed into one of the finest alumni centers to be found on any small college campus — a “home away from home” for Allegheny alumni, friends and family. With its striking elegance and unique purpose, the Tippie Alumni Center is unlike any other facility at Allegheny College. Located at the heart of campus on North Main Street, the Center is staffed by people, including Allegheny students, who are eager to greet and help alumni and campus visitors.

The Center offers places to relax, converse, view memorabilia, look at yearbooks or books published by faculty and alumni, enjoy a meal at one of our alumni events and participate in meetings. Most of all, the Tippie Alumni Center is to be shared and enjoyed by Allegheny alumni, trustees, friends, students and staff.

The Tippie Alumni Center is open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.