Off-Campus lodging options:

For off-campus lodging, please click here to view a list of area hotels and bed & breakfasts. In the event that local hotels and bed & breakfasts are filled to maximum capacity, additional options include:

  • airbnb.com
  • Vrbo.com
  • Comfort Suites Hotel in Edinboro, PA 16412
  • Hampton Inn & Suites, Grove City, PA
  • Holiday Inn Express, Grove City, PA
  • There are numerous additional options in Grove City and Erie.

    On-Campus lodging options:


    • Baldwin is a traditional Residence Hall with two twin-xl beds in each room. Baldwin is limited to single-gender bathrooms on each hall. Cost per room is $50 for the entire Reunion Weekend stay.
    • Those staying in Baldwin Hall will need to bring their own bed linens and towels. You additionally may want to bring your own blanket or a comforter.
    • Pillows are not included. Pillows will be available for purchase on the Reunion Weekend registration website or you can bring your own.
    • Baldwin Hall does not have air conditioning. Please consider bringing a fan if the forecast calls for warm weather.
    • Baldwin Hall requires the use of stairs and does not have an elevator.
    • Baldwin Hall allows the option of including a roommate or rooming alone.
    • Please remember these are dorm rooms with very limited amenities.

    North Village I and II lodging options include limited singles as well as two, four and five bedroom suites with a single twin bed in each bedroom. Suites are air-conditioned and bathrooms are located within each suite. Please note that bed linens, towels, and a very light blanket will be provided with North Village I and II lodging. Pillows are available for purchase or you can bring your own.

    Please click here for more detailed information about each resident hall. For a campus map, please click here.


AccessibilityIf you have mobility limitations we recommend that you stay in North Village II. Several handicapped parking spaces will be available and identified throughout campus. If you have questions, please call the Alumni Office at (814) 332-5384 or by email.