Donor Stories

“Allegheny is not just the place that I went to college; it is the place that I called home for four years.”

Brett Fuchs ’10

“Even $10 or $20 goes far to provide opportunities for students.”

Amanda Harris ’01

“Jim ’59 and Sandi Linaberger ’62 are two of Allegheny’s most loyal alumni, having been active members of the Allegheny community since their days as students.”

Jim ’59 and Sandi Linaberger ’62

“If we all contribute, we can ensure that Allegheny will have the resources to continue to deliver on its unique experience and help change lives.”

Bruce McIndoe ’79

“Unrestricted gifts are the most powerful gifts to Allegheny, as they allow the College to use the funds for the areas of greatest need.”

Megan Murphy ’88