Bruce McIndoe ’79


Current City: Brookeville, Md.
Current Occupation: Executive


Bruce McIndoe is a proud Allegheny alumnus whose Allegheny experience taught him to love learning and to be open to new ideas and new ways to look at the world.

He graduated with a major in physics and received a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1984. As an Allegheny student, Bruce was a member of the Allegheny Men’s Dining Association, WARC-Radio, Campus Center Cabinet, and the Playshop Theatre.

Bruce says one of his most memorable educational experiences occurred when he spent a summer with Dr. Richard Brown, chair of the physics department. He recalls learning about astronomy, engaging in philosophical discussions on science and physics, spending time at Chautauqua, and boating on French Creek.

Bruce believes Allegheny continues to prepare its students for the world’s challenges that are continuing to become more complex. He is proud to support Allegheny so he can help ensure that the College continues to provide the level of educational experience that he received. He wants those thinking about giving to the College to know that tuition does not cover the cost of providing an Allegheny experience each year, and that donor support is crucial to ensuring the College’s future.

Bruce urges fellow alumni to help the College at any level. “If we all contribute, we can ensure that Allegheny will have the resources to continue to deliver on its unique experience and help change lives,” he says.