Bomb & Biological Threats

Bomb Threat

  • Since most bomb threats are received by telephone, document as many details as possible, including any caller ID number displayed.
  • Immediately call Public Safety at 814-332-3357 or Ext. 3357 and provide them with as much information as possible from the bomb threat call.
  • Immediately examine your area for any unusual or suspicious items. DO NOT HANDLE, MOVE, OR TOUCH SUSPICIOUS ITEMS – REPORT THEM TO PUBLIC SAFETY IMMEDIATELY.
  • Move to a safe location and wait for Public Safety and the police. The College Administration will make a determination as to whether an evacuation is warranted based upon the assessment of the threat level.

Biological Threat

  • Do not shake, open, or empty a suspicious package.
  • Evacuate the room and close the door. Make a list of all who were in the room and anyone who was in contact with the item.
  • Immediately call Public Safety at 814-332-3357 or Ext. 3357.
  • Wash any exposed skin areas with soap and water. Remove any contaminated clothing and place the contaminated clothing in an area where it will not expose others.