In the event that an emergency situation arises, Public Safety and/or other personnel will order a lockdown of all buildings on campus as appropriate.

If a lockdown is ordered:

  • Stay Inside! Don’t leave the building unless an imminently dangerous situation arises inside. If outside, seek shelter in the nearest building.
  • Take shelter in a lockable room if possible.
  • Close windows, shades and blinds.
  • Avoid being seen from outside the room if possible.
  • If you are in an area that does not lock, use all available items including desks, dressers, tables, chairs, etc. to barricade doors.
  • Stay low on the floor away from windows and doors and under desks if possible.
  • Monitor ALERTAllegheny (e2campus) for updates and further instructions. A description of the dangerous person will be disseminated as soon as possible through ALERTAllegheny (e2campus).
  • Report any emergency or unusual situation to Public Safety.
  • Use discretion in admitting anyone into a secure building. All backpacks and other bags should be left outside at least 30 feet from the building. Insist that the person seeking shelter open all outer garments for visual inspection before permitting entry.
  • Once in a secure location, do not leave until receiving the “all clear” from a police officer, Public Safety, ALERTAllegheny (e2campus), Allegheny website or other communication from the College or law enforcement authorities.

Safe Areas

Safe Areas are:

  • Any lockable rooms on campus that can help to prevent access by a possible intruder.
  • These areas include residence hall rooms, classrooms, and offices.
  • If you are in these areas during a lockdown, stay in them until you receive further instructions from Public Safety or other authorized personnel.
  • If you are not inside a SAFE AREA when an emergency arises, you should move to one as quickly and safely as possible.