Missing Student

If there is a student missing:

  • Immediately contact Public Safety at 814-332-3357 or Ext. 3357.
  • Be prepared to give your name, phone number as well as provide all possible information regarding the missing person:
    • Physical description
    • Clothing when last seen
    • Last seen location
    • Physical condition at the time
    • Vehicle information
    • Description of who the person was with
    • Why you believe the person is missing
  • Be prepared to provide information on any known medical or special conditions you are aware of.

Missing Students

With respect to students of Allegheny College who may be missing, Allegheny has adopted a Missing Student Protocol which can be found at: https://go.allegheny.edu/missingstudentsprotocol

Pursuant to that protocol, students who reside in Allegheny College student housing may submit a Student Information Form (available in the Dean of Students Office) providing the College with their emergency contact information identifying the persons to be contacted when a student is reported missing.